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Most foreign men who come to Costa Rica on vacation or business are bound to become enthralled by the sheer number of beautiful women who can be found across the entire country.It is no secret that the human gene pool in Costa Rica tends to favor the female species; this is clearly made evident by actresses such as Madeleine Stowe and Candice Michelle (the Go Daddy girl), who are of Costa Rican descent.Costa Rica requires a valid passport for foreigners who want to marry here.

“How to find a nice Costa Rican woman” is the name of a guide written by Christopher Howard, who is described as follows: The article above is oddly published on a site that mainly caters to male sexual tourists; however, it is not unreasonable to think that some of these men will eventually wish to seek a Tica to be their lifetime partner. Howard asks a few questions that all men should keep in mind when approaching women in Costa Rica for the purpose of romance: Surveys taken in recent years by polling firms commissioned by national newspaper La Nacion among women between the ages of 17 to 57 indicate that Ticas are open to dating men who are five years older or younger.If the wedding group is larger you may need to book some of your guests at other hotels or at the wedding venue hotel.During High Season, when the hotel is booked by a large group for a wedding, we require a minimum stay Wedding guests find there is much to do and discover in our area and frequently extend their stay with us and make the wedding trip into a holiday as well.You will not need to bring any certified or notarized legal documents since all your data will be included in a sworn statement which you both sign the day of the wedding.This avoids you having to certify documents at a Costa Rican Consulate, and will save you time and money.What if I have guests who are not staying at my wedding venue?


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