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This site is continously updated as former Ozarkian's respond to the (The Go Getter Bird).You may also submit your Bio On-line Charles Hazer Update 3-14-11 Gary Ehlin Update 2-27-11 Debbie Dazey Update 2-3-11 Jerry Albrecht Update 1-19-11 Harold Hollett New Email 1-17-11 "Dick" Richard Green Update 1-13-11 Bill Gesell Update 1-13-11 Gary Lewis Update 1-13-11 Jim Andrews Update 1-13-11 Robert Wahl Update 1-5-11 Herman Lueckenotte Update 12-27-10 Tom Majer Update 11-22-10 Lisa White Update 10-18-10 Mark Harter Update 10-6-10 Carrie (Grant) Ganakos Update 10-6-10 Frances Newman Update 10-6-10 Barbara Sullivan Update 9-23-10 Leo Sullivan Update 9-21-10 Dan (Dano) Davis Update 9-15-10 Terry Qualman Update 9-15-10 Liesl King Update 9-11-10 Thomas Tucker Update 9-6-10 Dennis Wright Update 9-2-10 Ginger Miller Update 9-2-10 Jacqueline Mosher Update 8-31-10 Gordon Menk Update 8-29-10 Ruth Guise (Thompson) Update 8-27-10 W. (Bill) Newman Update 8-26-10 Tom Tucker Update 8-24-10 Barb (Arp) Roach Update 8-23-10 Marsha Geletka Update 8-23-10 Jim Gunnin Update 8-9-10 Donald D. Commuted to JFK while with TWA and now enjoying retirement.Only in those instances where the Illinois State Library has a second copy, can an original edition be checked out. Besides these original editions, the State Library also has reproductions of these histories, both in book and microfilm format. 977.3 ADAM6* 977.3 ADAM6 1973 ALEXANDER COUNTY County Seats: America, 1819-1833 Unity, 1833-1845 Thebes, 1845-1860 Cairo, 1860-present Established: March 4, 1819 Name Origin: William M. This is not just a business for us; it’s what gets us up each and every day.We count our success by the enormous number of connections, relationships, marriages, and children we’ve helped to create.Raymond Collins, Sandra Fritz, David Johnson, Francie La Camera and Blaine Redemer Preface The following bibliography is a compilation of over 500 Illinois county histories found at the Illinois State Library, with representation of all 102 counties of Illinois. Besides the traditional county-wide historical narratives, this list also contains any title at the State Library which has county wide historical significance.

The median household income was ,498, and the median family income was ,761.

As an example, we decided to include a book on the early marriages of Richland County, as well as a directory of Stephenson County issued by Prairie Farmer in 1917. 977.3 ALEX INDEX* BOND COUNTY County Seats: Hills Station or Hills Fort (temporary designation) Perryville, 1817-1821 Greenville, 1821-present Established: January 4, 1817 Name Origin: Shadrach Bond, 1773-1832, First Governor of Illinois, 1818-1822 * The item is non-circulating and not available through interlibrary loan.

Designed to serve as a companion piece to Arlyn Sherwood Booth's A Checklist of Illinois State Library's Complete Holdings of Illinois County Land Ownership Maps and Atlases (available upon request from the Illinois State Library Reference Department), we chose not to include county atlases in this list. 977.3 ALEX* 977.3 ALEX 1967 MICROFILM 977.3 ILLI8 reel 85, No.319 Index to the Names of Persons Appearing in History of Alexander, Union and Pulaski Counties, Illinois.

Always enjoy the reunions seeing old friends and fellow employees.

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