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Fox 11 News (also referred as KTTV, or Fox 11 LA, or Fox 11 Los Angeles) is News Corporation-owned television station serving Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Founded in 1949 KTTV was developing as news dedicated TV channel finally purchased by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation and formed the basis for the new Fox television network in 1986.

A typical assistant district attorney handles as many as 450 cases a year--from misdemeanors to felonies.

After few months the channel shift to new Los Angeles outlet Du Mont television network.

But Fox 11 (KTTV) became independent station in 1954 when Du Mont programs move to KHJ-TV Channel 9 now KCAL-TV.

In 1958, Los Angeles became the television home of Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team and broadcast the road games against archrival San Francisco Giants. Metromedia purchased the station in 1963 by Times Mirror company.

And yet, with 15 lawyers in the office working Brown County cases, that's not enough to keep up with the 9,000 cases being referred for prosecution by the area's law enforcement agencies.

“There are hundreds, literally hundreds of law enforcement officers in Brown County which funnels down to the 15 lawyers roughly in our office,” said David Lasee, Brown County District Attorney.


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