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If I cry alone, am I like the tree falling in the forest? Tentative shoots reaching up through the soil Green, tender, cautious, unsure.

the one that if there's no-one to hear it then does it make a sound? I was just beginning to learn as a gardener, other hands had not taught me; I had to find my own way.

Special acquisitions provide decades of enjoyment when cared for in a respectful way, adding to their value and reverence for future generations.

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Students are to give additional examples of the six topics listed above, as well as discuss their personal feelings about the poem.Every day those men came over and brought more, Each time you just watched at the door.I ran away at the age of eight, Why was I put into this fate? telling your girlfriend that she's stupid, ignoring your boyfriend when you're with your friends, exploding in a rage when your girlfriend talks to another boy, etc.) Instruct students to compose an essay in which they interpret the meaning of the poem, going line by line. Give each student the list of Dating Violence Information Web sites, which includes a list of the following topics so they know what information to collect: Follow up the assignment or video by giving some examples of various dating violence situations (i.e.You said to be a good little girl or I'll make you sad, So I shut my mouth and let them do the things that were bad.


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