Updating oracle sequence

The Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Java technology are natural partners in helping developers exchange data and programs across the Internet.

A new Java API called Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB) can make it easier to access XML documents from applications written in the Java programming language.Oracle does not let you change the value of a sequence.If you need to change its value, you should re-create the sequence. Villena select seq.nextval from dual; NEXTVAL ---------- 1 So, by finding out the current value of the sequence and altering the increment by to be negative that number and selecting the sequence once -- we can reset it.I have several procedures that do inserts and use sequences and was thinking of dropping and recreating sometimes. Problem is that on one web form I use a seqeunce to show user a unique order number that he wants to see before saving record. So, if you drop and recreate, it'll just invalidate which is a waste of your computer resources but will not result in an error. You never select from it after the alters, hence the numbers will never change. COM select s.nextval from dual; NEXTVAL ---------- 4 3) the way around this is TO NOT WORRY ABOUT GAPS AS GAPS ARE INEVITABLE IN A SEQUENCE.An application is considered to employ bean-managed persistence (BMP) for its entity beans when these entity beans explicitly access the persistent storage-the entity bean includes code to directly access the persistent storage.


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